The following individuals have reviewed the quality of ICCA training programs (both content and service provision), and help ensure the integrity of our credentialing process:

CEO and Co-Founder of the Alliance. Dr. Glenn Livingston
is the son of two therapists in a family of 20 psychologists, social workers, counselors, and therapists.  
Shortly after getting his Ph.D. (from Yeshiva University at the Einstein Medical Campus in New York City) Glenn built a 65 person practice in approximately eighteen months, and has now worked with well over 1,000 clients.  When people's symptoms resolved, he invited them into his coaching practice until, five years later, he was working almost entirely as a coach, and also directly supervising other coaches and therapists.  But because he doesn't have children, thoroughly enjoys his work, and has never had to commute, Dr. Livingston launched a second career as a consultant, helping large companies like Whirlpool, Novartis, Bausch & Lomb, and Panasonic, evaluate psychological response to advertising.  His companies (jointly owned with his wife Sharon - see below) eventually sold more than $30,000,000, and along the way obtained publicity in major media like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, the NY Daily News, Crain's NY Business, The Milwaukee Business Journal, The Indiana Star Ledger, American Demographics, CBS & ABC Radio, Bloomberg Radio, WGN & UPN TV, and many, many more.  Later accomplishments include co-founding and developing a 21 person online marketing agency, and developing his own profitable publishing business. (Details)

HOWIE JACOBSON, PHD:  Training and Educational Advisor to the Certification Program.  Dr. Howie Jacobson earned his bachelor's degree from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in Education from Temple University.  After working as a school teacher for several years, Howie decided to develop educational programs for the business world, and specializes in creating simple, easy to understand methods for teaching complex concepts.  He's the author of AdWords for Dummies (Wiley Publishing), and has co-authored a book "Whole" with T. Colin Campbell (author of "The China Study" - the world's largest epidemiological study on nutrition and disease).  Dr. Jacobson has also developed his own online marketing agency, traveled the world presenting his ideas, work, and theories, and maintains a small, high priced coaching practice from his home office in North Carolina.  (Howie's Website)

DAVID ENDLER, PHD:  Individual and Group Coaching Advisor to the Certification Program.  Dr. David Endler has been practicing with individuals and groups for more than 50 years, has helped thousands of clients, and was a founding member of the Board at the Center for Modern Analytic Studies in Boston.  He originally studied with Hyman Spotnitz (an American doctor who—after studying at Harvard University—courageously broke with over-sexualized Freudian tradition and pioneered the modern analytic method). Dr. Endler also studied extensively with Lou Ormont, a group therapist who pioneered methods for effectively engaging group members to interact directly and responsibly with one another in specific ways.  (The Ormont method creates a transformative power in the group which is many times greater than any particular leader could ever hope to engender through his or her direct intervention...Dr. Endler has helped us instill these principles into the group component of our programs)  Dr. Endler's private practice is overbooked at this time and he's unable to accept new referrals.

JAN SEWARD, PSY D:  Dr. Seward is clinical psychologist, and currently Clinical Professor of Psychology and Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where she coordinates the Health Psychology and Counseling curriculum. (For 10 years Jan also served on the faculty and executive team of the New York College for Allied Health on Long Island, NY.)  Jan is also the former co-producer and co-host of the award-winning "Radio2Women" on WBCR 97.7 FM in Great Barrington, MA, where she and her co-host (Serene Mastrianni) interviewed hundreds of guests on topics about health care, politics, education, and the arts.  An accomplished public speaker—Jan is known for her lively intelligence, humor, and unconventional perspective on today's most pressing issues—Dr. Seward particularly enjoys educating women about financial "self-defense", and has worked to improve financial thinking and financial literacy with her well-attended seminars "Nice Girls Can Get Rich" and "Ready for Anything:  Talk for Tough Economic Times".   Her company, Fruition™ Dynamic Change Services, offers business and personal growth coaching and consulting services founded on the principle of "Real Results in the Real World"; with over 25 years of experience, she has helped entrepreneurs, CEO's and professionals from all walks of life to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. (Jan's Website #1)  (Jan's Website #2)

ESTHER GENDELMAN, MS, LPC, CPC:  Esther Gendelman is a highly experienced licensed mental health counselor and certified professional coach who specializes in working with relationships. She's a veteran educator, and speaker, who has a passion for helping people grow and maximize their potential. She lives with her husband in their recently emptied nest in Oak Park, Michigan and cherishes her role as wife, mother and grandmother. Esther is also a successful "shadchan" -- matchmaker -- who helps men and women connect. She's had wonderful success in coaching them from first date to their wedding day and beyond, encouraging healthy communication, problem solving and loving, deep emotional connection. We think you'll fall in love with her sensitive and intuitive way of working with people, too. Her training includes a degree in education which combines spiritual studies with teaching skills, methodology and theory. Her Master's degree is in counseling and human services from Indiana University, and her BA is in education and spirituality from Yavneh Teacher's College.  She holds advanced training certificates in EMDR levels 1 & 2, Gottman Couples Therapy levels 1 & 2, CBT for Anxiety, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Collaborative Couples Therapy...and of course, she is an ICCA Certified Professional Coach!  (Esther's Website | Phone 248-915-9122)

JOHN CHANCELLOR, CPC:  John is a Double Certified Professional Coach and author of two books ("Designing Your Life" and "The Hungry Entrepreneur--Why so Many Business Owners Fail to Achieve Their Goals.")  Mr. Chancellor's original degree was in business from Tulane University in New Orleans, and he has since accumulated over 40 years experience in management and consulting working with companies ranging in size from small start-up mom & pop businesses to mid-size companies up to $50 million in revenue.   John has also worked with over 350 individuals from around the world via in the categories of health, fitness, self-improvement, and how to get what you want in life... with a feedback rating of 9.5 on a 10 point scale.  Finally, Mr. Chancellor is a Top 500 reviewer on in the top 99.99% of ALL Amazon reviewers!--and a regular reviewer for American Management Association, McGraw Hill, and several PR firms including Jane Wesman, The PR Freelancer, The Cadence Group and Author Services, LLC as well as several independent publishing companies and independent authors.  (John's Website)

BECKY CASTRO, CPCC, PCC:   Becky Castro has been an entrepreneur for the past 27 years. (She started her first business at 26 years old in 1986, a graphic design company)   In 2001, she began intensive training to become a certified business and personal coach, starting her second business "I Love Monday Mornings!"  For the past 12 years, she has coached entrepreneurs and CEO's internationally to reach their highest success of both profit and more importantly living their "values" and their "reason why" for their business in the first place. Becky says, "Clearly the old ways of running a business can no longer sustain us. There is actually a new business model out there that respects ones "values" and one's "why" as well as the triple bottom line of people, profit and the planet."   Becky has been awarded the second highest level of coaching certification, a PCC from the International Coaching Federation--a distinction granted to less than 2K coaches worldwide--and has previously been named woman of the year by the Women Business Owner Alliance.  (She was also named one of 25 Business Women to Watch in the Pioneer Valley.)  An inspirational public speaker, Ms. Castro prides herself on lifting people up to do things that they think they can't do.  She can coach people on the spot, without any preparation; she encourages clients to dare themselves and not rely on what's comfortable. Becky loves to see clients clarify what they want, remove obstacles in their way, and achieve their goals. "If you don't love Monday mornings," she says, "really, what's the point of being in business or having a career? Aren't we supposed to love what we do?"  (Becky's Website #1) (Becky's Website #2)   

BURTON F. CAMPBELL:  Burt Campbell - Burt provides a diverse and international background to the International Coach Certification Alliance.  He began his career in sales, design, marketing consulting, product development and extensive brand management for high profile companies such as Oakley to SAP. But his ability to connect and understand people, along with his ability to break down processes and analyze data helped him strike a powerful balance between the analytical and emotional, objective and subjective, and eventually led to an extensive self-education, evolutionary psychology, and the insatiable pursuit of how the brain works, Along with his personal quest to understand human behavior (and in particular, what gets people to take action) Burt began his coaching career.   Now he focuses specifically in the areas of charisma, social dynamics and entrepreneurship (both online and offline), empowering men to become their "best and true selves" - thus creating a magnetic attraction in all aspects of their life. While his focus is foundational and the inner self, the results are exponential & lifelong.   Burt was also the top Canadian in Stockholm marathon two years in a row, and a Boston Marathon qualifier.

TERRY DEAN:  Terry Dean has made his living as an entrepreneurial and copywriting coach for the last 17 years.  started his online business from scratch in 1996. He went from delivering pizzas for a living to building a million dollar business promoted primarily through the Internet. Within a few years he was also consulting with home based businesses, local companies, and million dollar corporations. His original company and websites were sold in 2004, and he founded MyMarketingCoach, LLC. which is dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs in the 10 key principles of success in business and life.  Terry provides consistent feedback and content regarding the development our "origin story" workshops... where new coaches learn powerful ways to present their unique background and passion in order to create a foundation for attracting highly qualified clients. 

YOAV EZER:  Yoav Ezer's unusual background in managing and coaching literally thousands of underlings while a high level instructor for the Israeli Defense Forces proves invaluable to the ICCA programs.  His familiarity with the systems and training programs required to instill new skills, values, and expertise in over 10,000 people at a time allows us to disseminate difficult information with ease to large groups. Yoav has also headed several companies as CEO, and has brought at least one to a multimillion dollar level.  (He now specializes in coaching and management systems for start ups, and is currently building a massive coaching system for brides-to-be on a large scale. Yoav's Website )

RYAN LEVESQUE: Ryan Levesque is a Brown University graduate where he studied and taught neuroscience. After graduating he transitioned from academia to finance & business — first working on Wall Street, then in China (overseeing a multi-million dollar expansion initiative), and eventually launching his own publishing & ecommerce business. He's had success in markets online ranging from Jewelry-Making (a partnership with his wife) to Memory Improvement (leveraging his background in neuroscience).  Today, Ryan coaches other entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow their own businesses online.  He's worked with dozens of clients in other "coaching markets" ranging from Golf Instruction, Marriage Counseling, Naturopathic Medicine, Dating Advice, Drumming Instruction, Functional Medicine, Annuity Planning, Homeopathy, and many others... His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Miami Herald as well as places like Yahoo Finance, CNBC and  Since 2008, when Ryan transitioned from a Fortune 100 employee to self-employed business owner, he's been responsible for growing his client revenues by over $25 million.

MICHAEL MCCARRELL: Michael McCarrell is an entrepreneur who has managed and owned several businesses since 1992. His businesses have spanned from wireless phones and service, to installing automotive accessories to helping clients resolve anxiety and trauma. In addition to his own projects, he is a certified consultant for the Livingston Bulls Eye(tm) process which finds the most important keywords, the language of the best customers and the business model of the most successful competitor for a specific online market. While very comfortable with technical analysis, Michael really enjoys (or excels at) helping businesses and business owners understand the deep emotional needs, emotional impact and messaging that is needed to attract, enroll and resolve their potential clients' problems.   Michael's personal coaching focuses on working with emotional conflicts and the physiological aspects of change (transformation). His experience is that cognitive learning (information about WHAT to do) is most often only a small piece of what it takes to effect personal change. Michael has found the best results - both on his personal journey, and with his coaching clients - from working with deeper (often unconscious) emotional responses as well as working with physical reactions and nervous system (somatic) responses. By working with these aspects he and his clients have found the longest lasting, deepest and ultimately most rewarding results

GARY MEGEL: Gary Megel is a business coach and educational expert who began his career in the family jewelry store which he eventually purchased.  After achieving an average 16% year over year growth rate for more than 15 years (and taking sales from $200,000 to $2,000,000+ per year), Gary pursued his interest in educating his industry.  As a traveling instructor for the Gemological Institute of America, he delivered gemology classes to approximately 900 students annually in multiple cities.  He was also responsible for delivering GIA's Accredited Jewelry Professional courses to aspiring and veteran members of the industry.  After semi-retiring in 2009, Gary turned his attention to helping other small business owners build their enterprises, as well as cope with the daily stresses and strains every entrepreneur must face.

ROBERT MICHON: Since 1995, Robert Michon has built a number of successful, real-world businesses from scratch in a variety of highly competitive industries. He has a keen eye for finding the "air pockets" in a marketplace and positioning companies to fill the void that's hidden where no one else is looking. Rather than focusing on toe-to-toe competition, his approach is to manufacture profitable opportunities by matching the unique characteristics of business owners to that most profitable unaddressed area of the marketplace that's silently screaming for attention. Having marketed and sold face-to-face, by mail and over the phone, his focus is to get both the strategy and the tactics coordinated and working in tandem, so each function enhances the others. Robert has also spent several years coaching football and baseball at the youth level, as well as football and strength and conditioning at the high school level. In business, he has successfully coached several hundred clients through high-stress, high stakes situations. He currently shares the strategies and experience he's gained in these diverse areas with business owners and companies to find the best opportunities to attract, convert and retain more ideal clients so they can break through the million dollar mark and beyond.

BRIAN THERRIEN:  After working as sales manager, sales and marketing consultant, and coach Brian has settled into his current role as an agent of change for the disabled.   Since 2006 Brian's company "The Disability Digest" has helped over 11,000 clients collect $12,320,000 in monthly Social Security Disability payments an average of ten months faster...while simultaneously providing a reliable source of income for the twelve disabled individuals who work for his company.  He's also helped 124,000+ others weave through the confusing maze of disability issues.  Brian team now teaches a select group of other companies how to leverage the untapped potential of a disabled labor force to decrease cosst, increase employee retention, and improve results.  Brian serves as our chief advisor for helping disabled persons work through our coach certification program, and is sometimes able to secure educational financing to cover our tuition for those receiving SSDI payments.  (Brian's website)

Additional Board Members and Advisors

DAVID OLIVER: David Oliver is a Yale University graduate who serves a difficult set of niches in mental health with lay-coaching systems (He also sells DVDs, CDs, Books, and eBooks).  Mr. Oliver has done literally thousands of coaching sessions, and has gathered over 11,000 testimonials from raving fans at last count...all while competing with major drug companies (as essentially a lone-wolf coach and small business person with less than 15 employees) for share of voice.   David has also developed creative coaching techniques and systems which work with families in serious emotional and financial turmoil.  He regularly reviews and inputs into our program.